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Mar 03, 2020
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Here is a little write up on my 1998 Jeep Tj Sport. Bought her used and abused sight unseen (not recommended at all) in April of 2018. It might not look like it, but man has she come along way, even for still being on 31s. I would like to thank my father and mother for being such a positive influence on this hole build. I really could not have done it without you guys. ^ Before ^ v Current v Overall when we got the Jeep, the body was alright, but the frame was questionable, with a lot of hidden surprises for us to discover as we check every inch of her trying to find the hidden evils (Rust). Some of the first things I did to it was removing all of the live wires that did not connect to anything (but were still connected to the batterie) and fixing the stock wiring harness, the back seat was removed because I needed the storage for work at the time (and literally no one fits back there besides kids), and most importantly the carpet. The wet soggy carpet that was great for holding that moisture had to go. I also did a fluid change on ever fluid that could be replaced just so I had a starting point. After doing the fluids, I did not really do that much to it. I just used it to get around the cape. July 13th, 2018 is when the money pit open for business with the arrival of the new frame fresh off the truck from Throttle Down Kustoms. Man was the frame a bute, almost felt bad putting it under the Jeep. v Here is one of my biggest problems with the Project Kingfisher currently v On July 25th, the frame was ready to receive the running gear and body from the old frame. But none of that was ready. Starting the 28th the dissemble of the Jeep had begun (with 150,058 miles on the odometer). Within that day the frame was no longer attached to the body and the transfer of parts from one frame to the other had proceeded. Let the lift begin After leaving my job in preparation for school I had a two week crunch time to get all the parts transferred from one frame to the other and by August 14th we had a rolling chassis ready for the body. But there were two problems. One I had to leave for school and two the body was not in the best of shape in the area of the torque tubes and where the roll cage bolts in. As shone in the pictures below. Bodywork is not something I'm very good at so I had tons of help from my father for this part (and I was away at school for a lot of it). The first order of business was replacing the rotted metal from around the roll cage area on both sides (which will all be shown below). Then once that was replaced the forward parts of the torque tubes on both sides were replaced. Everything was sanded, smoothed, and painted. While at it, both the inside and underside of the tub were sprayed with bed liner to help protect it even more. And with that, the body was ready to go back on the frame. The rest will be in part 2.
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