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4 Reasons to Join a Club



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f you own a Jeep or off-road worthy rig, then it’s a good idea to think about joining a club, like FIRI Motorsports Off-Road Division.


Here’s why it makes sense to become familiar with the club(s) in your area, and why you should consider joining one soon — if you haven’t already…

#1  Clubs are a great place to learn the basics of 4-wheel driving offroad.

If you’re new to off-road driving, it makes a lot of sense to hook up with others who’ve "been there, done that". Not only will they help to make your first few times offroad more enjoyable, they’ll also help you learn how to stay safe (especially if you want to push the limits a bit) and have fun at the same time!


#2  Organized club rides give you more options than you’d have on your own.

Chances are, the more you’re in the company of fellow off-roaders, the more you’ll learn about some new trails & places to ride that you didn’t even know existed. Plus, you might even get access to some riding areas that you wouldn’t have been able to gain entry to on your own. Club membership opens many doors.

#3  Clubs are a great way to find others to go riding with.

As you know, you should never venture offroad or into the backcountry by yourself. And when you’re part of a Jeep club, it’s always a cinch to find someone who wants to go out and ride. While a club may be one of the best ways to socialize with other owners, the fact is… if you’re not exactly a social butterfly (self included), you’ll still feel at ease participating in a Jeep club event. There’s just something about off-roaders that’s super hospitable. 


#4  We can accomplish more together than alone.

Most clubs are active in their communities, and almost all clubs are helping to prevent trail closures in one way or another, as well. Organized club activities help to improve the image of all 4-wheelers and off-roaders alike, which only serves to benefit the sport of offroading.


In summary, 4-wheeling with fellow off-roaders gives you an opportunity to fine-tune your off-road driving skills in a safer environment, while providing you with an opportunity to meet other people with similar interests as yourself. Take some time to find the right club for you — one that meets your offroad skills, and also has members that enjoy some of your favorite offroad activities.

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